Kim Seyesnem Obrzut

Spring Maiden

6"H x 8.5"W

Our family name is Poleyesva,

which translates to: Place Where the Butterflies Land. Butterflies, the tiny spiritual creatures, represent spring and our connection with nature. Spring not only brings the blessings and beauty of butterflies but also is when our first corn is planted.

She is in the kneeling position which symbolizes preparation for womanhood and marriage. This kneeling position is used when learning how to grind the corn and to make our traditional Hopi piki bread. Her over-the-shoulder dress is our traditional wool dress worn by all the women, and her downy eagle feather provides her with blessings and protection. This feather is called a "Paho" feather.

She has no face, which symbolizes the egalitarian society of the Hopi people,and not an individual. The Hopi thought is: One Mind, One Body, and One Spirit.

Spring Maiden in turquoise
      Spring Maiden in purple         Spring Maiden in purple side view