Kim Seyesnem Obrzut


18''H x 7.5''Wx 2''D

Her body is in the shape of a gourd, the oldest utilitarian vessel known to mankind. The gourd is used as storage, to carry water, to shape pottery and as a rattle in ceremonies.

Her hair is drawn down into two braids and wrapped into leather, symbolizing she is a married woman. Her wedding day, which is the first day of her adult life, is the first time she wear her hair in this fashion. She carries on this hairstyle during ceremonies and sometimes everyday life to modestly celebrate her married life.

On the Summer Solstice every year, all of the new brides come together and are recognized and celebrated. This is a very special day for them.

She has no face, which symbolizes the egalitarian society of the Hopi people. She represents a people, not an individual.

The Hopi thought is: One Mind, one Body, and one Spirit.