Kim Seyesnem Obrzut


20''H x 11''W

The potter is a symbol of honor for those potters who in their pottery have sustained songs, ceremonies and the Hopi traditions within the style of pottery and the beautiful signature Hopi designs that we still create today. Kim started her career in pottery creating museum-quality Hopi Maidens in water-based and traditional clays.

She is carrying a Seed Pot. This resides in the home and is the property of the women of the household. In the fall, when the corn is gathered, six ears are sheaved and the kernels are placed in this seed pot for the next years crop.

Stainless is made up of chromium, nickel and a molybdenum alloy. Stainless is more costly because of being more labor intensive and takes twice as long to make art quality finishes. Stainless steel, by nature should hold up better in your home as one of its redeeming qualities is that it is less magnetic and helps prevent dust from being attracted to it. Stainless also is conducive to harsher environments such as outdoors, beach homes, etc.

The process of creating a fine art piece out of stainless steel is similar to Bronze in many ways. The method is almost the same as with Bronze until it comes to being poured. The stainless bars are melted with an induction melt system to 3000 degrees. This is an electrical melting. The crucible used for pouring is designed for higher temperature and the induction process.

After assembling via welding, a contrast of bead blasting and polishing to a near mirror finish are added. A cold patina was added after the piece was entirely finished. And finally, the piece is bolted onto a granite base.