Kim Seyesnem Obrzut

Hard Hopi Sun

13''H x 10''W

The Hopi men are an integral part of every facet of Hopi life. He is the provider for the family.

He hunts, gathers materials for various household needs, including salt. He is the weaver in the family, creating the traditional robes, mantas and belts worn by all.

He is the maker of the Tableta and other ceremonial items used by his family at various times of the year. In the spring his sons will run in the Antelope races. There with all of his honor and wisdom he looks on with other men to see who will win the race.

His head set firm, he looks against the rising sun to see the next generation prepare for manhood.

This is one of Kim's finest examples of anatomy and has a strong feeling of peace and hope.

Hard Hopi Sun