Kim Seyesnem Obrzut


7.5'' H x 7''W x 7.5''D

Fossils dating back 300 million years ago

reveal the dragonfly as one of the oldest known surviving creatures to exist in our world. Its relationship with mankind has been an everlasting one as it's image can be seen on Hopi prehistoric alters, pottery, and petroglyphs.

Many peoples and cultures have special symbolic meanings as well as having personal meanings and beliefs when it comes to this ancient creature. To the Hopi the dragonfly is thought to be a positive symbol of water as they are water creatures associated with springs, an important source of water in the high mesa plateaus of Northern Arizona. Dragonflies are a symbol of summer rains, fertility, and abundance.

This young girl sits by the Springs in her village fascinated by the powerfull swift dragonfly who can easily do anything while in flight. She delights in the beauty of the creature's iridescent wings glistening in the sunlight. This is a good day, a day filled with the symbols of a wonderful harmony.

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